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Cunnilingus Oral Sex Training for Men :

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First of all, Stroke Skills is all about mastering yourself. Stroke Skills Zynergistics is not a quick fix, or a little blue pill. It’s a way of life; a tool to help you master your tool. So if your not about learning how to put your body to the task of becoming a perpetual pleasure promoter ,move on and send this site to a friend who is interested…. okay? By reading on, you have taken the first step toward changing your life, and I want to tell you what else this program can do for you.

This program will put out what you put in so the power is in your hands and also in your mouth. If you want it own it!

99% of women will tell you that when they are sexually intimate with a guy, his capacity to pleasure them orally makes all the difference. The problem comes in when were trying to find out how to move. This is where Stroke Skills Zynergistics comes in. We will give you the exercises, and as long as you practice regularly, you will perform and feel better than you ever have. If you don’t believe your self, just ask your partner!

Montique Stephon is a personal trainer and motivational speaker operating out of Washington D.C. As creator of the Zenity Fitness performance concept Montique has taken his passion for optimal communication, fitness and intimacy training and combined them into a really unique set of products created to help couple rekindle and maintain love and affection.

Montique Stephon has developed a unique fitness concept, Zenity Fitness, he has appeared on CNN and other media venues. His Zenity Fitness concept is designed to help men and women to strengthen muscles used in romantic situations while getting into great physical shape. Having a core fitness work out with a twist maybe just the elements needed to enhance romance and love in a couples relationship.

Montique loves to help people to become better mentally, physically, sensually, sexually and within their relationships, it is his calling.

Find your rhythm and personal style bringing you closer to mastering your body.

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Zynergistics Sampler

Best Guide

The Best Oral Sex Guide Ever.

Learn to beat any vibrator, reclaim what is yours!

  • Online Access
  • Discreet read on your cpu or phone
  • Over 10 instructional techniques….
  • Anatomy Instruction
  • See what techniques coincide with what vibrators
  • Vivid Techniques for interactive G Spot Massage

Zenity Fitness Programs

Stroke Skills

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What is your current workout doing for you? Are you stronger in the ways that really matter to a man? Are you more confident in the ways that really matter? Imagine spending 15 minutes to an hour each day training your body for the results that everyman wants: personal satisfaction and confidence in his abilities. Don’t limit your capacity with one dimensional exercises, trainers and videos. Enter the world of Zenity’s Stroke Skills Course.

SoTight Fitness

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This class takes some of the most tantalizing dances from around the globe and combines them with a comprehensive course in muscle development and a core strengthening program  to create a fun, energizing and sexy workout. Careful, this class might improve your private life.


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Guys, get a chance to take advantage to dramatically improve their capacity to extend pleasure to their partner orally. Zynergistics is a course grounded in rhythm, anatomical knowledge and coordination targeted at tapping into one’s partners personal frequency. These heavily researched movements were created to help men be experts at oral pleasure making them as satisfying as any vibrator or female sexual aid. These movements require deep controlled breathing even in syncopated, rhythmic rapid motion  drawing more oxygen into your body, raising your energy levels — energy that you can used in so many ways.


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